explorer. Daily sketch #500

from 2 months ago


I love it, great work!

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That’s a nice sketch! - It’s visually interesting in style and composition, but also has a good sense of narrative; I feel drawn in and curious to know what the story is. :thinking:


I just came here a second time to tell you I really like this piece. Colors are great, composition is nicely balanced and it tells a little story. Well done.

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Almost feels like you’ve used brush textures in height mode. Almost.

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I love the vegetation, really unique :slight_smile:

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the art of this masterpiece is outstanding :smiley:

brak mi słów


love the values on this φ(* ̄0 ̄)

Wow, this is incredible! I need help! I’m not good at all at drawing, any recommendations?

If you thought about the tips then:

+Start with an idea
+Then draw an outline of the elements
+Then fill the image with the lightest colors and then add details
+Finally, shading

This is general advice, if you want more, check out the internet