Exporting Recording / Pen support- Krita android

  1. Can someone please explain the process for exporting on the android app.
    I was trying to do a test with the recording feature on the android app. However, I’m a bit lost as it regards to using ffmpeg.

I mean I’ve used it on desktop to export an animation before, but I don’t know anything as it relates to android…

  1. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but the shortcuts don’t work with the s-pen. The button only pans the canvas.
    The default feature has been disabled too.

Using tab s6 lite.



Regarding the tablet and pen settings of your S6, these topics might be of interest to you.

And as for exporting to video formats, for those you will need FFMPEG, there’s no way around it as far as I know. But since I’m not interested in it personally, I haven’t tested it extensively yet. You can possibly take the detour >> record on the tablet >> copy the images to the PC >> & compose video / render on the PC from the images created. It’s cumbersome, but unless you can install FFMPEG on the tablet that’s the only way it will work, I think.

@all: Who knows more about video making on Android? Am I right?


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@Edward_Mowah uses a separate application for screen recording and might be able to give advice about a good one:

I’m fairly sure that ffmpeg isn’t available for Android.
This raises the question of how the screen recorder applications make video outputs.
I think they build ffmpeg themselves from the source code.

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Thank you. I was able to fix the issue with the s pen.
I might have to stick to the default recorder I have on the tablet for now.

Quite unfortunate.
Hopefully there’ll be another solution.

Thank you.

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