Krita Setup Galaxy Tab S6 - Maximise Canvas Space - S Pen Button and Workspaces & More.


I made a little video showing how I set up Krita on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. I hope some of the tips in this video might be helpful to anyone using an android tablet since this is the primary device I currently paint on.

The purpose of this video is to show how you can maximise your canvas space, workspace setup, toolbar setup such that you can rely less on opening the big menu bar, reduce brush lag, s pen setup and more.

If you have any questions or recommendation or think there’s something missing, please share. :blush:


Thank You for this video, I recently bought s6-lite and made similar setup, this helped me optimize few additional things.
My looks like this

I’v put file toolbar on the left thanks to that this setup works both (kinda) for landscape and portrait modes.

Some time ago I’v made few feature requests that would be even more useful on mobile without any keys.

This one hurts more on android, especially that plugins don’t work. Thankfully there is at least reset rotation.

Hacked this with few workspaces, still would prefer separate icons though.

Hack here is that windows snap when moved but not when resized that allowed me to put floating closer to screen edges.

Trying not to use toolbox as it mostly waste of space for me, out of 36 options I’m only using 7.

Unfortunately on toolbar some toolbox options don’t have icons which is weird as they obviously exist. :frowning:

This is my setup for toolbars


Thank you so much for your time and knowledge making this great video. Very helpful!!


I am trying to follow your steps configuring my tablet. I was able to disable the middle button In the canvas input. Moving onto the next step of adding a button, I was able to add the button, but I only have a choice of right and left, not middle. Any advise? Thanks so much. And great videos!!!



Press Your button on s-pen and its get detected as middle.

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You have to make sure the s pen tip/nib is not touching the screen.

Just hover your s pen over the screen without touching the screen enough for you to see the pointer (The tiny dot), then click the button on your s pen. It will register as middle button.

Do you have a youtube Patron account? I would love to support you!!


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Thank you. Do you have a Patron account on youtube?


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I dont have. Thank you :blush:

Here’s my preferred layout so far on S6-Lite tablet. I haven’t been able to get the pop up palette do work with the S-Pen, maybe studying the video will help me sort that out.

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You can use dots (1) to collapse toolbox more, and use icon (2) to hide topbar.
When Krita asks for input tapping once is “left mouse button”, tap and hold is “right mouse button”, hovering that cursor shows and clicking button on pen is “middle mouse button”.


Thank you so much! I now have the pop-up palette working. The key piece of info was to turn off “Pan with middle mouse button”, and to ignore the whole S-Pen configure section. Also thanks for annotating my screenshot.