Extra Animation features please! (Tweening)

I’m not sure if this is implemented yet, however, I only see opacity curves/animations/tweens (I dunno), so I would like something similar to either adobe animate’s motion/shape/classic tweening or, similar to Opentoonz and the opacity keyframing in Krita, 2 keyframe/curve things that have different values, which the software automatically tweens the animation for you, sorry if you had to read this and it’s impossible.

Ah wait, I read on another post that developers are already working on it, oops!

Do mind that those programs make tweening because they use vector more extensively. Krita is more reliant on pixel do not get your hopes to up. Few are the 2d programs that make interpolations correctly.

For what I got on search it is only animation of objects like html not it’s components like a flash tween (and even that sucked). It’s main purpose is to emulate parallax for what I read.

So something like Opentoonz (their raster layers have tweening) then? Because the thing I would use tweening to just move the image slowly so I don’t have to move it frame by frame

for what I can see Open toonz tweener is really good and I mean REALLY GOOD.

but there seems to be a hidden path in the raster with the added rule to draw in the same order of strokes and a path direction with a very neat display of it but I don’t know how it works really, but there are clear indications of it. with that you really can make tween work properly I almost wonder why no one made something like this before even. it looks like everything the computer needs to make proper calculations. Even with the extra work for the user it seems perfect to save time. With stuff like this even i would dabble in 2D animation without dying of pure life ending boredom.

I think I should consider swapping to OpenToonz considering this. That or to Blenders Greese Pencil. Thanks for bring me this to my attention.