Extracting brush tips from ABR files at import

It seems as if instead of extracting the brush tips from an imported ABR file, the whole ABR file is stored in the krita folder and used as a container. This leads to a few issues. For one the ABR file isn’t native to Krita anyway and should not having to be dealt with by Krita after the import. On top of that the bundle creator seems to not include the ABR file in the bundle which leads to the brushes not having their brush tips in the same bundle with them.

It would be much better, if the brush tips were extracted from the ABR and saved in the native Krita format in the brushes folder. I guess the bundle creator will then be able to find them and include them in the bundle. I could also delete brush tips from that ABR file, which I don’t need any more.

I think this is done for several reasons but I think the strongest is that most of the abr brushes are for PS and you must ask their creators for permission to be able to port them to Krita.

Also if you want you can extract the abr tips with “abr Mate”, that gives you more control, since for example Clip Studio that can import ABR brushes does not extract all the brush tips.

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I’ve never heard anything about a copyright restriction of the brush tips included in ABR files. When you import ABR files to Photoshop, the brush tips are exposed as well and everybody can use them for their own brush creations. I see some copyright restrictions on the complete ABR file if it was bought. But the majority of brush packs are free anyway. And if I buy one, the seller surely wouldn’t mind me using the brush tips from it in another program.

So I can’t imagine that this is the reason for the ABR file being copied to the Krita folder. I think it was just the first idea that came into mind.

Nonetheless - the developers might pick my request up as they already replied positively to it in the bug tracker. Let’s hope for the best. It would be a great time saver and make the transition from PS to Krita a bit faster.

In a perfect world I wish that the settings of the Photoshop brushes would be set in Krita as well (like Procreate and Artstudio do). But I’ve heard that ABR files are quite tricky to decode.

FYI … I just exported all of my brush tips (around 240) from Photoshop and while opening them in abrmate I got a “copyright” error. After some searching I found out, that ONE of all those brushes was marked as copyrighted. So there might be the possibility to mark your brushes as copyrighted in which case Krita could skip those brushes in case they really want to avoid getting into any legal issues.