Eyedropper become grayscale

Hello, from some moment Krita started show eyedropper in brush mode (by holding Ctrl) in black and white, even though I point to some color. I didn’t used this for a time, and if I pressed some keyboard shortcut, didn’t noticed that. Tell me please where is this option.

Resetting Krita to factory default didn’t help.

Could you show us what the tool settings are for the eye dropper: Select the eye dropper tool normally (not by holding control when the brush is active) and then select the tool options docker.

I suspect that the sample size is so big that it samples too much surrounding gray. Together with the blend mode not being 100% it could mix with the current color and then make it seem like its all in grayscale. That’s the only way I was able to reproduce it, but having a screenshot with the eye dropper tool active and the tool options docker visible would help a lot.

Another thing that could have happened is that your Group 2 Merged has a grayscale color space for some reason, this would have the same effect too. You can check the profile of a layer by right clicking on the layer in the layers docker and select properties from the context menu. You can convert the color profile of a layer by clicking on Layer → Convert → Convert Layer Color Space… in the menu bar.

Didn’t changed any eyedropper settings. Anyway, solved it by copying layer pixels (Ctrl+A Ctrl+C) and then pasted to new file (with same dimensions)

I believe it was because of reference image pasted right under the sketch. It was set to ~5% opacity but it seems while sampling color, eyedropper renders it as 100% opacity.

If I move reference somewhere left or right, I can also pick normal color (with background layer color). Thanks for collaboration.