Fade for brush

How do I increase or decrease the fade end for the start and end of a brush

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You can vary the properties of a brush by distance to give a ‘fade’ effect and this is done in the brush editor.
e.g. You can make the opacity or size (or other properties) of a brush start high and then go lower as the brush stroke continues over a given length.

You can’t do this to the end of a brush stroke because there’s no way of predicting where a brush stroke will end.
All you could do is use pressure control and then manually reduce pressure at the end of the stroke, which is difficult to do accurately and repeatedly.

Using the painting assistants and a suitable brush, you can simulate a fade at the end of a brush stroke by ‘constructing’ the stroke from both ends of a path but that’s a complicated process.

If you can post an image that shows the effect you want to get, that would help in understanding what you want to do.

For fade you can set a length in pixels to get a fade out effect but with the downside of not being able to do longer brush strokes anymore.

@Takiro, There is that, with the limitation on length, as you said.
You can easily and fairly quickly change the length if you’re keen to use that method and it can be good for individual blades of grass or hairs though there are probably better ways of painting grass or hair.

I tried using the fade option but whenever I try to draw something nothing comes on the screen like no stroke nothing

Could it be that fade and pressure are enabled for opacity at the same time?

ye they were both enabled thnx but the fade doesnt work for me is it cause I use a mouse

Yes, when you use a mouse you always have 100% pressure because a mouse click is either on or off with nothing in between. You need to disable pressure for opacity in order to get fade to work.

I see thnx for telling me bout that

Have you got it working now, to your satisfaction?

Note: If you use the Fade input control, the distance is also affceted by the brush size.
For exact effects by pixel distance, independent of brush size, use the Distance input control.