Fake promo request from spammer/scammers

Im supposed to load a “video” over 600 mt, as a promotion at the start of my video. Was this sent to me by someone official or is this some epic prank that’l destroy my computer/phone when i load it? So far there was a request email that i’d consider it and then there came the one with the video link. I cant view the “video” before downloading it



Or maybe you’ve got another email than one provided in example?

Anyway, this might be spam.


You can also read


If you have the time and are willing, please send the link to me in a private message.

Click on my profile picture and then click the Message button.
I’d be interested to have a look at it.

Also, please copy the text of the email in the private message to me if you will.

If the link has a random string in it, probably used as a unique identifier, I won’t click it because that would flag you as ‘interested’.

Ok ickshghd

Could you please edit your reply to delete that email address and send any information to me in a Private Message?

My views are so little and videos complitely unrelated to this animation stuff those made me question that they would want to pay me for a ad at the start to be seen by a few hundred people who came to see some mtb or nfs content

Most stuff is already mentioned, but to add, I would mark it as spam. The more people mark these things as spam, the smarter the email spam filters will be about preventing these fake emails going into people’s inbox.

Ok ill do that

Should i delete this topic now?
It no longer serves any purpose
Ok. Even if it is possible i dont even how to delete it

It serves as information and a warning for other people.
I don’t think you can delete a topic, even if you create it.

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I have seen some videos showing that the scamsters are sending virus disguised as windows screensaver named similar to mp4 files.

check here - Scam mails about krita and youtube coming from krita.io and krita.app - YouTube

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