Beware of imposters sending mails to artists about offers on behalf of Krita foundation.

It has come to my notice and also to @halla’s notice that some fraudsters are sending mails to artists with offers pretending to be from official Krita team or Foundation. They have registered some domains like which redirect to official .org domain. This confused people and tricks them in believing that the mail they received is from official team.

I would like to make everyone aware that these mails are fraud mails and if you receive any communication from Krita team which originates from the email address other than then please mark it as spam and report for phishing. Also spread this word to your friends who may have got such mails.


One of the mails that was sent to someone as Krita foundation.



Maybe add a big banner on to inform about that.
I think most of Krita’s users are not in or don’t follow Krita Paint App on twitter and are not aware of problem.

If the redirect to then people who follows the link can be informed directly of the problem.

Also, add this as a news: it will be available at krita’s startup for whom have activated the news in thread in Krita.



The news idea is good I think. @halla can take a call on that.

Thanks for the warning.

The is using namecheap. Have you tried filing an abuse report?

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@halla sent an email but maybe it would be a good idea to kind of nag them a bit further with a support ticket and whatever.

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