Fake versions of popular art apps detected!

Hey guys I just wanted to point out that there are fake versions of popular art apps that are downloadable on pc or mac that are actually a virus. I was chatting in a group chat when my friend mentioned a art app called “MediBang”. So I downloaded what looked like a download page for it, after downloading it my virus prevention program notified me that what I downloaded what actually a virus. Lucky the virus was stopped and unable to reach my computer. Don’t fall for art app download sites you think is the actual art app download it could be a virus!


I always tell people to download only from official and trusted websites. And if I’m downloading something lesser known I use a website called VirusTotal https://www.virustotal.com/ to scan the file or webpage. I can’t promise this will always save you, but it does give me more trust in the thing that I am downloading.

Thanks for the warning! I’ll let my friends on other apps know to watch out.

Typically, I’ve seen free (as in totally free) programs specifically say that “[Product] is available free of charge and without compensation. If a seller wanted payment for this application, contact them immediately for a refund.” and this also acts as a way to confirm that you’re getting the real thing.

I’m not sure if Krita does the same thing (I don’t pay that much attention to the installation admittedly :sweat_smile:) but if it doesn’t already exist, it could be a useful thing to add to the installer.

From this point onwards, all virus writers and distributors will add a notice in the installer that says, “This product is available free of charge …”:slight_smile:

It’s the nature of the beast and all you can do is download from known and reputable sites, which you determine by some google type research.
Virus scanning websites can be a useful test. On-board virus scanners can get paranoid about things they’ve never seen before and put apps into ‘quarantine’ and block access to resources…it can get messy.

Besides… We do sell Krita on the Windows Store and on Steam. That’s what we’re living from, for the most part.

Krita is not only free but also open source, that means that if someone wants to sell it without our knowledge, they would just remove the dialog in the code; and of course the virus provider would give Krita for free as well, so they could leave the dialog and it wouldn’t warn the user :slight_smile: And if it said “you can only download Krita from the Krita website”, then they would remove it…

On the other hand that’s the reason why Krita name and Krita logo is trademarked - so we can limit legally who is selling it and who is using Krita name and logo. We cannot limit usage of the code, but at least it won’t be called “Krita”… as far as I understand this.

Fortunately, every time i’ve seen someone put Krita on eBay and so on, they were unable to build Krita themselves and used our binaries.

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