Fantasy art rework

Redrawing an old work.


Love of how you did the sparkle! :heart:

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очень очень красиво :heart_eyes:

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Thanks! The work is not finished yet, now it is being polished-color, details, atmosphere.

Спасибо! Тут конечно еще довольно много работы предстоит, но в целом вот так все и будет нарисовано

Oh I thought this is already finished and I featured it :slight_smile: never mind Please do share the final version. :slight_smile:

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О, Oh no problem! :grinning: This is even great! :+1: I put it here to understand whether everything is good, to give time to calm my imagination and think about the details. And yes, the finale will not be much different.

Next iteration…

And next

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Be sure to mae a new post with the finished artwork in the #artwork:finished-artworks category

and next little step

Hi @WWgraph

It’s difficult to really see the differences between all versions :sweat_smile:

If you can put all the version in the same thread, it will allow to switch between pictures (with next & previous buttons) and then it will be easier to see the differences between the version :wink:

Also, like @Wenkiemoo did here, you can provide us the original ‘old work’ to let us see all the rework you’ve made and it (if you’re not against the idea to show us your first work :wink: )


I forgot :sweat_smile:
The current result is very good, I like all the lights effect you’ve made!


Oh, I didn’t think of that possibility… :grinning:I put three options next to each other. Mostly I corrected small details and redrawn the hand with the magic wand. Now in this hand is a magic crystal knife. I’ll draw again today…

Thanks, it’s easier to see the small differences now :wink: