Fantasy book cover wanted

My book is sort of finished, and I have someone who will probably want to publish it!

Now I need a cover.

The artist must be willing to read at least part of the book so they know what’s going on – though the book is technically fantasy (medievaloid with psychic powers) there are no elves, dwarves, orcs, non-mythical dragons, et cetera. It’s about people.

Here are covers other people have made for books in the same world: Valdyas Books (Terms of Service cover by Andreas Raninger, Gates and Passages cover by Filipe Ferreira). I don’t require the new cover to be like the others, but the same kind of thing would be nice.

Please tell me your rates! I’ll see if I can afford you…


Although I honestly never painted a cover book before, I wouldn’t mind if I could contribute.
In case I was picked by haphazard, only if the final work was validated I would consider getting paid. It’d be my first try, so I can give it a go very first to let you see if it ends very well.
The only promise is that I will take the job very seriously and manage to do something professional. That was me.

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Hi Irina, I would love to work with you!
Here is my portfolio and my email so we can better discuss the work. As it’s a project bigger than a simple commission, unfortunately I can’t give you a rate like that without knowing better.
Feel free to send me an email!

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