Favorite open-source frameworks/tools for self-hosting an art portfolio site?


Long story short, I’m looking to self-host my own portfolio site. I’m curious what people here use. I’ve seen plenty of folks use Twitter, Instagram, ArtStation, Behance, Dribbble, DeviantArt, etc. I’ve also seen folks use actual website builders like Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress.

I’m in the market for something open-source and self-hostable (not including WordPress, too many bad experiences in the past and I just don’t want to use it).

Thus far the options I’m aware of are:

I may also try building my own with something like Next.js, but I’d like a template to start with if I go that route.

Thanks for any and all suggestions/ideas!


The idea of hosting it yourself is probably the best thing you can do. Then you don’t have to follow rules and contracts with others. Which base you use you have to choose according to your skills and wishes.

From DeviantArt and Wix (they own DeviantArt) I would have advised against, because there it is only about filling Wix’s pockets and wanting to take this money from the users everywhere. DA was good before Wix had its fingers in the pie. Today it is user unfriendly and if you want to make it big then it costs big money, which is a shame because I thought it was the best platform in my eyes.
You could work your way through the DA internal user conversations, especially the opinions of long time members are of interest there.
I don’t know what is important to you either? Reach, ease of use, cost, revenue opportunities?
I’m curious about the views of others, and think ArtStation is an acceptable evil.
All of these statements are based on my sensibilities and feelings.


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I personally made my own portfolio website from pure HTML/CSS and few Javascript with some libraries, then I hosted it on github page which is free for static website and finally bought a domain. It has a lot more freedom than using any other services (such as Linktree, Carrd, Wix, etc).
But from option above, If I may suggest maybe I will go for Hugo. One of my friend uses Hugo to make their website from template which is easier than others.


I haven’t hosted my own website for a few years now but used a programe called emAlbum to display my photos and artwork…mostly because it was free…there are probably other/better image library software packages out there as well…

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If all you want is just to host an image portfolio, you can technically host it even on github with github pages. It will limit you to using only javascript and css, but it will work and it is free with no ads.

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In my case, I’m with user RavioliMavioli above. I build my own html/css/php files and host it myself in my server. :slight_smile:
Of course, it takes lots of time and work to do than just paying a website builder to do most of the back-end job for you.
I don’t have recommendations to any website builder since most of them are unnecessarily slow and weirdly built.
I don’t know about github pages (as others mentioned) but from what I know it doesn’t look like it is built for art portfolio. But perhaps it may work for your needs? I didn’t check how they regulate hosted pages (and whether they can take down your page for some reasons).
Hopefully you can find the best solution!


If you want to use GitHub you could use Jekyll https://jekyllrb.com/
I use WordPress, sorry about your experience with it I understand your pain, it is a beast at times.


https://mediagoblin.org/ used to be good – haven’t looked at in years, though.


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