Feathering radius slider on the polygonal and freehand selection tools

In western comic book coloring a technique called ‘cut and grad’ is a common workflow for rendering.
It basically consists of making selections and filling them with shadow or light.
For explaining the reasons behind this request I will stick to shadow for now.

Important in this regard is the way light sources work.
Direct light from a strong light source will give shadows with clear and crisp edges.
Bounce light and environmental light on the other hand will give fuzzier edges, sometimes even like a gradient.

unfeathered selection

feathered selection

In my personal workflow I use this cut and grad technique all the time.
On less strong light sources I need to manually apply feathering by using the function in the ‘select’ menu every time (of course through a shortcut), unless I use premade selections and use the contiguous selection tool.

The contiguous selection tool has the option to set a feathering radius that will then apply to everything I select with it.

contiguous selection tool feathering radius

I personally use the polygonal selection tool a lot, as well as the freehand selection tool.
Unfortunately though, these tools don’t have that option, forcing me to do it manually on every individual selection that I need to feather.

polygonal selection tool
freehand selection tool

My request is for these tools, and maybe all other selection tools to have a feathering radius slider, like the contiguous selection tool has.
It would make a tremendous difference for my workflow, as well as that of other comic book style colorists.


I guess options really are missing there.

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That would be a shortcut that I would like and thought of implementing before. From my experience, the main issue is that there is people that think that adding more options to certain tools is counterproductive (for example, newbies would find that overly complex).

With that said, I want to take the opportunity in this thread to ask all the community what they think about this. If there is enough good opinions I can remake the selection tools options like I did with the fill tool, making them more consistent and also adding this new options. If that happens, hopefully it can make it to 5.1 (the time limit is beginning of July June I think).


Arguments? That it is useful and missing is already established by the topic, in addition would come the unification of the tools, so a uniform or consistent appearance.

The possibility to overload newcomers offers the whole Krita experience. I consider this an argument without weight. One has to deal with the massive functionality either way when getting into a software like Krita or one of its competitors. To withhold this feature from experienced users for this reason is, in my opinion, the wrong approach. When I started with Krita, I didn’t use the things that were too much for me, or I tried them out, studied the manual and the forums to find out how to use them, and I still do that today. I still know only a fraction of the possibilities of Krita, but that doesn’t stop me from using Krita.

It is possible, it is needed, and it is implementable, so why don’t implement it?



I agree. All programs will be confusing if the user does not put in effort to learn. i think people give a little more effort for ps and csp because they pay for it.

And more options are not that bad

i mean…look at blender :laughing:


Just include the option, but leave it disabled by default: so anyone who wants to use it just activate the option. Enjoy and include it in all selection tools (including freehand selection).

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A shortcut not well known for the freehand selection tool is to hold ‘Ctrl’ key while tracing a selection. It will switch this one to a Polygonal mode. It might bring a workaround on the short term for your usage if you need polygonal selection with auto feathering radius. But I totally agree about your observation with other selections tools, they all miss the features of Contiguous. Thanks for your well made thread with example and pictures.

You have my +1 and encouragement on this, but I’m not the one who decides.

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First off, a big thank you to all of you for supporting this suggestion.
Your encouragements and +1’s may help a lot to bring this to the attention of the developers.
As I said it would make a huge difference for me to have this on all selection tools.

To me working in a paint application like Krita is like a rabbit hole that goes deeper and deeper.
On the surface it is very approachable to newcomers, they can grab a default brush, have a canvas and a color wheel at the ready and can start painting.
For me personally it took quite some time to discover what’s going on under the hood and I still regularly learn of unknown features.
I think that is a very cool thing.

I really can’t imagine a small addition like this being confusing to newcomers because most of them aren’t likely to look in the tool options tab anyway.
That said, I can imagine there being such a thing as ‘content bloat’, I would then however pick a different battleground than this one for that argument because it actually doesn’t make sense to only have it on one type of a certain tool.

This is already the case for the contiguous selection tool, it is disabled (the number is set to zero).

Thanks David, helpful as ever!
I do know, maybe even from one of your videos…

Being able to convert the freehand selection tool to polygonal on the fly is a great feature.
I often add and subtract to my selections though, and it can only be used on the first selection.
No matter though, I have both the freehand and polygonal tools set to easy shortcuts on my keyboard.
I think you’re confusing the tools a bit when it comes to feathering as only the contiguous selection tool has the feathering radius slider, pressing the CTRL key while in freehand does nothing for feathering, at least to my knowledge.

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I have seen this argument being used before. While adding more options to tools might make the program more complex for newbies i don’t think this should be the defining factor on what a feature is or not implemented. Limiting options that could be useful to the community due to beginners being confused is not a good argument in my opinion. If thats the worry, then we should focus on “how to make these options intuitive to new users” when implementing things.
That being said this is a case of lack of consistence in similar tools which can already cause confusion on newer users.

i dont really understand this, the default for this option is already disabled. if you mean disable as “keep it hidden” i disagree with that, i dont think hiding options is ever a good idea, that itself is very confusing imo specially when its done automatically without the user input.

And yeah +1 from me to make tools more consistent and more options

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having to run as slow as the slowest person is not a good.

honestly there are a couple of points I think that makes this approach wrong:

  • new users won’t even have the options open yet because they don’t know there is tool options they will be looking for tools.
  • when they find tool options they will change what they know. it is not like having the options there will cause them to break down. if anything they will experiment and learn.
  • if it is hidden from the tool options they will spend years without knowing such a option exists. I have been here for soo long and I did not even know selection had extra options directly before today. yeah. making things simple only makes it harder because it is just a random event. how would I guess only 1 selection tool had options? I am learning it now.

Making it difficult to access for experienced users will only add difficulty to those that remain new and old.


Sorry, lack of clarity on my part…

What I suggest is to do it like in Gimp. For example, we have the reangular selection tool. In options, the “Feather edges” is disabled by default. When you enable it, the Radius option appears.

It is the same for all other selection tools.


By the way @Deif_Lou, I tried the nightly build yesterday
Amazing job on the fill tool rework as well as the new tool