Feature proposal: Transform last stroke

Hi everyone!

In my workflow, one feature that I think could be very useful is transform last stroke.

What I meant with that: once you made a stroke that you think is perfect and you want to preserve it shape, but change scale/direction/position (and maybe some other transformations, like opacity would be useful, too) you use this feature and position your last stroke exactly where you want it.

This could be achieved by creating every new stroke on new layer and merging it down, but that is kind of hassle.

Maybe there is already such a feature in Krita? If not, what are you thinking of it, would it be useful for you?


Sounds like a scripting brush

But it should be implemented into Krita core :expressionless:

+1 from me to have such a functionality though.

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That’s intriguing. I do see the use of it especially with inking drawings. Might be slightly used less for painting but I have been looking for a similar feature that automatically makes a “temp layer” for me. I think the only workaround right now would be to change the keyboard shortcut of the New Paint Layer to something like the tilde key (~) and Merge Layer Down to maybe shift+tilde so that making new layers is accessible to your keyboard hand.

Implementing a modify last stroke feature is something we’re considering for after 5.0, as well as implementing rendering vector strokes with a real brush.


I was meaning to ask for this too.
i dont mind pressing a key (ins) to make a new layer every time i make a stroke then just merge layers.

i didnt look but is there a shortcut to either wrap or liquidy?
i find i can quickly finetune curved line work that way.

To reinforce on having an ability to do procedural brush strokes/last stroke transform.
Concept artist, previously at Naughty Dog Inc. Mentioned it in one of the interviews: Art Cafe #101 - Holidays Special with Eytan Zana and Shaddy Safadi - YouTube

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