Feature Request: Hotkey for the "Select a color window"

There is this “select a color” window in Krita that you can open up by clicking either of the color swap boxes in the top tool bar, however I can’t seem to find this window’s shortcut in the keyboard shortcuts settings. So I assumed that this hasn’t been implemented yet. Would be nice if this window was able to have a hotkey, also not just for the primary color box, but also for the secondary color swap box.

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Press “x” to swap

I think @jedhurricane is talking about hitting a keyboard shortcut to bring up this window

Months ago I just want the same thing, and thought it can assigned in
Setting > Keyboard Shortcuts > Menu > Brushes and Stuff > Choose foreground and background colors
, but it’s not :thinking:

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Oh I see, my mistake, well … quite possibly it can be done by creating an “action” :thinking:

Yes that’s what I meant… Not the swap color hotkey.

Hi @jedhurricane, I added shortcuts for opening the same color selectors as clicking the color swap boxes in the top tool bar. You can see the change got added to Krita here. Sadly it didn’t make the window for being added to Krita 5 but it’ll exist in 5.1 or in the Krita Next build starting tomorrow I think.