Feature Request: Quick Export

When exporting frequently to some other program (e.g. Unity/Unreal/Godot), it would be nice to do this in a single shortcut. This situation arises frequently when tweaking artwork then examining it in the full scene. It currently takes 5+ key presses to accomplish an Export.

Workflow Now
a. custom shortcut key (e.g. ctrl+shift+e)
b. enter to save, so long as name of krita file exactly matches the destination file, otherwise rename.
c. enter brings up “are you sure” dialogue, requiring pressing Left Arrow, then Enter
d. enter one more time to confirm export options
e. done!

Quick Export Workflow
a. shortcut key (e.g. ctrl+shift+e): all the user has to do!

then automatically

b. export to last used name, so that if a renaming happened it doesn’t need to be set again
c. export with last used options, so no need to reconfirm

When the user wants to change namings or options between exports, they can just use the normal export process instead of Quick Export. If no Export this session, Quick Export defaults to normal export to confirm namings and export options.

Amenable Alternative
Allow changing default “are you sure” dialogue to default to “yes.” This would make it shortcut, enter, enter, enter which is much easier/ergonomic than throwing a left arrow key in there.


like the substance paint, I can export any image base on the folder name.it is very useful for the game artists. like normal, albedo, roughness, etc~ every folder with the same name as the final export image.

Could you explain what substance paint is? How does it speed up the export process? My workflow is to have different layers for albedo/normal/etc then export each layer with a different suffix in the name. Often I’ll edit the albedo then need to re-export repeatedly to evaluate it in-scene, which is where Quick Export would improve the workflow.

I mean the export texture named by some rules like &textureSet_d.this is a name rule. I can customize it anytime.
and I can rename the layer folder to “_d” means this is an albedo texture. also, I can export split channel to R, G, or B channel what in the final texture.automatic combine them at the end.

If this feature isn’t implemented, to future people who find this thread, this seems like it’s the closest fix for the problem.

Re: Substance Painter - thanks for the suggestion, however for my case it would be overkill for a hand draw art style

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The batch exporter is upstreamed in Krita I think. it is /will be in default plugin sets