Feedback for Krita Weekly Updates/Commit Summaries

I wonder if Weekly Update shouldn’t be merged with the Commit Summary? It could still be done by two people, but just in one thread. It might be confusing to know which info is where.


It should be merged or shouldn’t be merged? I am okay with anything, @freyalupen is also on promo team so we can coordinate too. Only thing is that less technical people shouldn’t feel overwhelmed with it.


From my point of view, I think functional news and technical news should be distinguished.

Most of users might don’t even know what a commit is :slight_smile:

So let the weekly update being high-level about functionalities/bugs, quick and easy to read.
And keep Commit summary for whom is interested by technical stuff.

Or if merged, put commit information in a collapsed section… :thinking:



Love that idea about using a collapsed section for the technical stuff, @Grum999.

I think @tiar makes a good point about combining the 2 weeklies into a single post.

I wonder how many more bugs will be squashed in 5.2 :thinking:

Sure - but then, you could have a “user-friendly” part on top - with all the things that 1) devs has been doing, and 2) new changes integrated into Krita (instead of the scary word “commits”), and then the “technical” stuff, where you could have also both “what devs has been doing” and “changes integrated into Krita”. That would require splitting both weeklies by “how technical it is” but it should be doable. (To be clear: I still talk about one post, just divided).

I’m not sure what would be the best way - maybe we should ask some non-technical artists about it :wink: I’m not sure who to ping, though…

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I don’t really know what’s the best way to do :slight_smile:

There’s already everything available for everyone in,, and kimageshop mailing list.
If I understood the goal of development news, it’s mostly to provide something more accessible for (non tech) users.

If everything is in the same BIG topic, even properly separated with titles and a good reading layout, I’m afraid that it will start to be hard to read (and also because maybe myself will not be courageous enough to read everything if there’s too much to read)

On my side waht I can say is:

  • if everything is in the same topic, take care about layout information
  • if topics are separated, what can be improved is:
    – ensure that topic title are consistent (it’s currently not the case)
    – ensure that topic body are consistent (layout + provided information, it’s currently not the case)
    – maybe define a template for layout (and review it slightly to be more readable)

Yes :slight_smile:

edit: maybe a new topic might be created for that, to not pollute this one? :sweat_smile:



While topic posts may be easier to digest, I prefer to have it in one place. So I can check back here weekly and read the updates. A collapsable part may be a bit harder to discover. So why not make two posts in the same topic? The 2nd post could then contain the technical stuff and you can easily jump to post number 2. You can reserve the post and later add the content or paste it from another window.

I do like the updates, they are written nicely!


I’ve been thinking there could be better coordination between the two posts, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. Combining them and splitting them into “User-side stuff” and “Technical stuff” (not with that wording :P) might be a good idea.
But it will take some work to come up with a good, consistent layout to use.
(I’ll start coming up with ideas…)

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Here’s what I’ve got so far.
I came up with a template of what the Weekly Update currently looks like, more or less:

Weekly update template thing (click to show)

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Krita Weekly development update, brought to you by the @ Krita-promo team!
[Sentence describing how many developers were present at the meeting and who it was lead by]

// from the meeting notes, these statisics are available:
// -Bugs
// -Commits
// -Downloads
// -Site traffic
// -Donations
// -Forum activity
// -Twitter
// -Reddit
// -YouTube
// mention whatever statistics are interesting

Highlights of this week:
// list of things that would be interesting to users,
// such as what developers mentioned they worked in the Roundtable,
// and any commits or MRs that are relevant to users
// with links to relevant commits/MRs/bugreports/forum threads

In conclusion:
[A summary of what happened this week, a reminder of how the devs are hard at work, that the community helps make things possible, etc]

And a reorganization of the Commit Report, where the changes are now sorted by importance to users;
“Major changes” (new features, major bugfixes)
“Minor changes” (small bugfixes, small tweaks to features)
“Technical changes” (mostly invisible to users; code refactors, build fixes, tests, logging)

Draft of next week's Commit Report (click to show)

What follows is a list of changes made to Krita’s code over the last week (September 5 - September 12* 2022). These changes are available in the latest nightly builds:
*(This is a draft from Sept 10)

Major changes (new features, major bugfixes):

5.2.x branch (Krita Next):


** Tools:

** Misc:

** Brush engines

Minor changes (small bugfixes, small tweaks to features):

5.1.x branch (Krita Plus):


** Canvas rendering:

** Tools:

** File formats:

** Misc.:


** Brush engines:

** Misc:

5.2.x branch (Krita Next):


** Animation.:

Technical changes (mostly invisible to users; code refactors, build fixes, tests, logging):

5.1.x branch (Krita Plus):

** Build:

** Logging:

5.2.x branch (Krita Next):

** Misc:

The Commit Report could probably be attached to the Weekly Update as a second post, as suggested.
Other than this I’m not sure where to go from here.


Nice work, @freyalupen!

I really like the idea of having both updates in a single post.

IMO a collapsible section for the commits will be more discoverable than attaching a second post to the weekly update. I really like the way you handled this post, for example, you wrote “click to show” next to the title.


I agree with @Sooz, this is a solid template @freyalupen!
I also like that you can easily tell which commits went into the Krita (master), next or plus.

One thing I just thought of — and tested — is that you can’t use the search on page feature of a browser to find text that is inside a collapsed post. So if I were to look for the commits for Krita Plus, I won’t find it unless the header describes what’s being collapsed. That’s something to keep an eye on.
In that sense, perhaps you could make the collapsed part for each of the Krita builds, so I can check a particular build for it’s updates more easily. So like this:

One thing that may require testing is to what extent a search engine indexes these collapsed texts, because it will be helpful if you can Google a particular feature and to find the link to it.

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