Ffmpeg closing. What to do?

Im starting out on making animations on Krita and came across a big issue on rendering it to a video. It requires Ffmpeg.zenaroe to be downloaded but its closing in a few days and all the builds will be removed. Its saying to have a hosting strategy in place by the 18th. So basically ffmpeg.zenaroe is the only thing you can use to render it to a video for krita, but its closing down. Not really sure what to do. Btw putting image sequences into videos with outside tools has been no help. Cant use outer tools because they either leave watermarks or costs a fortune

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I’d download and use the latest stable static build (not the date coded nightly) and make sure I had a copy stored on a usb stick (or two different usb sticks).

It should keep on working for a long time, maybe until Windows has a major and significant system change/update, possibly beyond that.

I think that Kdenlive (free and well established) has the ability to import a .png image sequence for inclusion in a video project and it’s available for Windows.

EDIT:Add: I’ve just tried to follow my own advice and I can get the date coded nightly but the 4.3.1 version is not available.
The 4.3 version is available and that’s what I’ve been using for a while anyway. It works and should keep on working.

Any FFmpeg build, provided it’s the right version, should work, right? Ffmpeg.org links to windows builds at gyan.dev, for example.

At the time @StudyPartners made this topic, the link from ffmpeg.org was to the zeranoe builds website. The FFmpeg people have now updated their website - nice :slight_smile:

If anybody is nostalgic for Zeranoe, I’ve just been there and downloaded 4.3.1, which is now downloading ok but is obviously not going to be around for much longer.

I’ve also downloaded the git ‘full’ and ‘essential’ buids from Gyan. I don’t know if the differences between them will be significant for use with krita but I may get around to testing them some time.
If anybody else wants to try them and report back then please do :slight_smile:

The manual will need to be updated to take account of the change.
It was reworked recently but I can’t remember who did it.
I’m sure @tiar and/or @wolthera will know

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I’ve just tried the git full and essential 4.3.1 builds from Gyan and they both work fine for rendering to .mp4.
I think that the full build has more libraries in it to support the more ‘interesting’ capabilities of ffmpeg.

Oh damn… this website looks even more cryptic than even the old zeronoe… I thought that they made such a new progress when they changes the zeronoe’s website a few months ago, it was finally easy to understand what is selected.

On the other hand, they explained why release versions are not necessarily more stable. Interesting.

I suppose there’s some licensing reason that Krita doesn’t package FFmpeg?

Yes: by default ffmpeg comes with patent-encumbred codecs that we don’t have a license to redistribute for.

I am new to Krita. I am using Lenovo Yoga C940 with Windows 10 Home. I was not able to download ffmpeg with the provided link (ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/). I downloaded ffmpeg for Windows from ffmpeg.org instead (Version: 4.3.1-full_build-www.gyan.dev). Now rendering animation with sound works fine. But audio scrubbing on animation timeline in Krita does not work at all. I am wondering if that’s because I have the wrong version of ffmpeg. I am wondering how I can get the right version of ffmpeg. Any help or advice about solving the problem would be much appreciated.