Fireworks- combination of basic, wet bristles and pencil brush

here is another photostudy, the brush i use:

  • basic-5 size opacity brush
  • wet bristles rough brush
  • pencil-6 quick shade brush
    i still feel very satisfying using the blend of the tools in this krita

ah ya, here is my reference

Great Job! Love it!

My only suggestion would be to get that darker background in to increase the contrast.


eh is that so? ok let me try it

here is the result, i need to adjust the character’s light value to match with the darker background, but
hey, its feels far more nicer now!!! thankssss man for the tips there!! it feels more completed now



Yeah, with this dark background this looks really amazing :+1:t2:


@raghukamath do you have a feature slot :pleading_face: ?

I also love the smudge in krita :smiley:
Don’t hesitate to play with the old and new smudge algorithm* (1)
Overlay mode allows you to smudge all layers as if they were one (2)

*more info about the smudgle algorithm: New Smudge Algorithm - Testing/Advice Requested!


outstanding lighting!

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thank you, Biene. also thanks for kacart’s feedback

oh?? i didnt know about that smudge algorithm. its my first time hearing it.
smudge all layers as if one layer, thats unique feature, i didnt meet feature like that in my old sai n psd (or maybe i was just too ignorant). overlay mode ya… ill check it.
thank you MangaTengu for the info.

hm i dont know what is feature slot, so i dont think i have one -lol

Love what you did with the background!

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thank youu

this was addressed to raghukamath who runs the site if I’m not wrong.
To my understanding he manages the featured images on the site:

I’m suggesting him to put your piece up there. That’s the whole feature slot mystery :slight_smile:


-LOL thanks for explaining the mystery :laughing:

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I guess something went wrong, now we did´nt have any featured images any more :joy:
Ups, now they are back.

Lovely painting, I love both versions honestly, each have a different vibe. She’s very cute in your style, looks like a game character!

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thank you for your nice opinion, Jozipix