Fixes Gallore | Krita Weekly | Sept 9, 2021

Hello again and sorry for missing last week ( I was busy moving). I thought about compounding both weeks but there was already a lot that happened this week I think I’ll keep it short(er).

Some news that you’ve probably seen is the Beta testing post by Tiar. With the resource rewrite introduced in Krita 5 there is a lot that changed and even more that needs testing. If you want to help make the Krita 5 launch better and more bug free checkout that post to see how to help the developers fish out bugs in Krita 5.

Also this week Wolthera and Halla have started looking into what features the Krita team will work on after the launch of Krita 5. Even though the full launch of Krita 5 is still weeks away it’s good to have features in the queue so when the bug fixing push is over there’s a clear direction to go from there.

Speaking of bug fixing, the amount of fixes this week has been crazy. Despite 56 new bug reports there has been 66(!) bugs closed this week. I think this makes the fifth week or so that Krita bugs have gone in a row which is really great to see. It seems like most of them are fixed bugs instead of closed duplicates checking the bugzilla.

New Features

A bunch of tool actions now have icons instead of just displaying the tool name (Tom Tom)

New gui for the exporting in the storyboard docker (Eoin O Neill)

Krita now parses xmp and exif metadata (Amyspark: 1, 2 , 3)

Lots of fixes to the screentone generator like more round ellipses and Align the screentone grid to pixel coordinates (Deif Lou)


Fixed crash if SeExpr scripts are saved without a thumbnail (Amyspark)

Fixed a crash when using a Filter Engine brush with Gradient Map (Halla Rempt)

Fixed a crash when doing many short quick strokes with a textured brush (Halla Rempt)

Fixed a crash when changing color model and the channels docker is open (Wolthera van Hövell)

Fixed some legacy brushes loading incorrectly when they had the same exact same brush tip (Halla Rempt)

Bug Fixes

Android incremental backup should now work and you can choose the folder to save for the animation and recorder docker (Sharaf Zaman)

Fixed resizing an image by percent sometimes resulting in the wrong size (Mathias Wein)

Krita now blocks touch events on a tablet if in the middle of stroke with a stylus (Alvin Wong)

The halftone filter work well with generators that need to deal with resources (pattern generator) (Deif Lou)

Fixed local assistants not handling rotated canvas correctly (Tiar)

Subwindows no longer will maximize if you have another window maximized (Alvin Wong)

Panning using the touch gesture works when moving quickly (Alvin Wong)

Fixed the recorder docker not able to find ffmpeg (Know Zero)

Thanks for reading! If you like what the krita team is doing consider making a donation at It helps to keep the Krita devs working full time to make Krita better.


Awesome that there is a Krita Weekly! :star_struck: It’s super nice to see and keep updated on the awesome work that goes into Krita. Thank you for making this series of posts :blush: