Fixing Blurry Pixel Art During Exporting

In Case you are getting a blurry or small image after saving your Pixel Artwork. Watch this video of mine and I hope it will fix it :v:


Just skimmed through the video, I would recommend using the Export instead of Save as option because Save as will make the copy the new active document which is usually not what you want.

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Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Your video will be useful for pixel artists who want to extend the use of their work and perhaps reach a wider audience.

What you said about exporting to .png is not correct.
There is no difference between Large file size and Small file size for the quality and appearance of the exported image so it doesn’t matter what you choose there. For small images, the file size difference is negligible.

Your advice about .jpg export is useful and well made.
Subsampling and smoothing are often overlooked by people who are not aware of them.

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Thanks for your warm welcome :black_heart:

Well about the .png, I said it because, whenever I saved the file with small file compression it came across blurry and when I saved it as large file it cleared the issue :sweat_smile:. I said what I observed :joy:. Thx for the feedback btw :fire:

If this is true then it’s either a bug in Krita or the program you use to look at it after exporting. The compression rate is just about file size since PNG compression is loseless.

But it is true for JPGs, thats why most programs call it quality instead of compression since you always lose quality.

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It is impossible for Krita to save a lossy png; it just is not part of the file format. Krita uses libpng to write png files, like pretty much every other application.

What is possible is that websites where you upload the png convert it to a lossy jpg to save space.

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I guess u are right, it’s not krita. Which leads to blurry preview. Thx for clearing :v:t3:

Why make a jpg without compression? weird.
I did not know this happened to pixel art. Thanks for he info I will keep an open eye for it.


I cross checked it, .png is ineffective by compression slider. It’s not bcoz I’m viewing it in any other software, it’s bcoz I’m stupid :man_facepalming:. I’ll mention that as pinned comment in my video :sweat_smile:

I do it :slight_smile:

When I convert picture to CMYK with specific color profile, and doesn’t want to lose details with JPEG artifacts…


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Hi everybody!
I watched the video and I foud it very useful for smaller files (like sprites), but what if I have to save a larger file? like 400x240 pixels?
I tried, but it’s still blurry, I don’t know if I have to do something more.
I just wanted to share it on my Instagram.

Thanks, Greta