Fonts for Comics

Hey folks,
I’m working on a comic right now, and I’ve been experimenting with different fonts to fit with the overall mood, style, and narrative of the story. I wanted to create this topic in hopes of people sharing the fonts they use for their works. I found this page with some pretty good fonts but it still wasn’t what I was looking for-

I’m looking for fonts available under a free for commercial use license, should I decide to sell my comic in the future. Feel free to share fonts of all kinds, just make the license clear when sharing. :slightly_smiling_face:


These two are free for personal use. Ames is very similar to the original comics fonts. Komika has many styles and is good for story titles. They support accentuation.

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Hey, that was one of the main challenges with my webcomic back in 2014, not a lot existed. I found a couple of good ones and with the community of translators we started to improve them to support more accents and languages. The main font I use is named Lavi. Our repository is here:

(and you’ll find a button near the blue ‘clone’ button to download them all).


Making a fonts is much easier today I think with open source projects to create them now. I discovered them only last year. I tried one of them and I was pleased with the options. Why not make a font too?


I did indeed make a font last year using FontForge. :slightly_smiling_face:

Right now I’m simply looking for an easy solution, the font I previously made is in a style very different from my comic. But if it comes down to it I’ll probably make another font if I need to. (I’ll also release the previous font I made, but I’ll need to clean it up a bit first.)

Hey, thanks Deevad! I remember you had a font for your comic, but couldn’t remember where to find it, this should be very helpful, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I made a font in Inkscape and was able to convert it to ttf by following this tutorial. Unfortunately, something went wrong, the font is too small. Testing in Gimp, it is only visible at 332 pixels in size and comes out with serrations.

DrXie/OSFCC: 一个收集可用于中文字体排印的开源字体集合。 (

This link provides links to many open source Chinese fonts.

This site is only available in Chinese and may require a page translator.

I’m sending this out because maybe someone needs open source Chinese fonts.

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For English, which has only 26 letters, making a font is very simple.

But for other languages.
Chinese, for example, has thousands of commonly used Chinese characters alone. (Chinese characters are equivalent to letters, and Chinese uses Chinese characters to form words).

If one wanted to create fonts containing only common Chinese characters, one would need to work hard for at least several years.

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