Free Bridge clone to view PSD, Krita files?

Hi there! I have been looking for free version clone of Adobe photoshop
to view Krita and PSD files in. So far I really dont know which program that is best suitable for this.

So I´m open for any suggestions that you yourself uses that is free to use.
Cheers & Carrots!

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I think XNView can do that. There is a Windows version and a multiplatform version called XNViewMP. I used then a lot a couple of years ago, really good Bridge alternatives.

And they are completely free for private use. No annoying ads or so.

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Krita can open both .kra and .psd

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I use qimgv. It’s quickly become my favorite viewer and opens pretty much everything I’ve thrown at it so far, including .krita and .psd as well as several video formats even.

On Linux, plasma desktop environment by KDE comes with Dolphin file manager which has preview for both psd and KRA files builtin.

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If you are using Windows, press alt + P in the file explorer to get a preview image of the picture you have selected, then it acts as Bridge, it’s very handy!

Then it will look like this: (and yes, I take way too many backups :sweat_smile:)

If it does not show up like that, you can reinstall the “Windows Shell Extension”, from, that works for me! It also showed PSDs, but it stopped working for some reason, a reinstall of the Shell Extension have fixed it in the past!
Only annoying thing is the Krita Logo covering parts of the image in the viewer

Thank you so much for a good list of programs :smiley:

I saw that the Xnview came also as a buyable software. but I will try both XNView and qimgv and check out which seems moste efficent :slight_smile:

mco I meant for viewing those file extensions from without Krita or photoshop.
Thanks regardless :slight_smile:

xnview doesn’t seem to support krita files.