Free Krita pixel art brush set

Hi everyone,

I made a Krita pixel art brush set which is based on one I made for Clip Studio Paint some years ago. It is designed to emulate patterns seen in retro games like FM-Towns, PC-98, SNES, and Game Boy.

Download links
The .bundle file is available to download from from Ko-fi, or my website. My website has some additional examples of dithering patterns.

Here is a header image and brush preview:

How the brushes were made
Essentially in the Brush Settings > Pattern > Texture I uploaded .BMP textures of the dithering patterns. If necessary you can invert the pattern in Pattern > Options > Invert Pattern, though I did invert one pattern already because it was a little unusual.

The tags associated with these brushes are Pixel Art and Dither and they use the Krita Pixel Art brush engine.

Brush Format
The files are available as a .bundle file which can be imported using the Resources Manager in Settings.

Hope everyone enjoys using these brushes!