Gaomon PD2200 support


First of all, thanks for working on Krita. I’m not in the target audience, but it’s a great software, and the documentation is really nice.

Anyway, I just want to reprot that the Gaomon PD2200 tablet works fine. I tested it on Windows and Mac OS with the official drivers, and Linux (GNOME Xwayland) without installing anything. The controls are a bit janky on Linux, though: the wheel doesn’t stay open without “Use mouse events for right- and middle-clicks”, and the tablet buttons don’t do what they should. I tried to configure them in the settings, but didn’t get very far.

Anyway, maybe someone can add this model to the list on The List of Supported Tablets — Krita Manual 4.4.0 documentation.

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Thank you for the suggestion and report. May I ask you to send the Merge request for the change? Are you familiar with gitlab etc?

Is there a git repository for the reference manual?

Yes here it is - Documentation / Documentation Website · GitLab
And here is the file you will need to edit - reference_manual/list_supported_tablets.rst · master · Documentation / Documentation Website · GitLab

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Thank you, I filed a MR.

Thanks I will review it and merge it soon.

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