Gas Giants and Terrestrials (a weird space cartoon)

Hiya! Just finished this little cartoon about the solar system:

Ooh, and here’s a different one I made last year:
I never could figure out the old forum, so I’m very grateful for the work that must’ve gone into making this sleek new one.

Also, can’t overstate just how nice Krita is for drawing cartoons!


Nice, they look pretty smooth!

it’s weird, the forum software, discourse should embed vimeo and youtube links as playable video. Maybe it requires these to be on a seperate line from the text?


Thanks Wolthera, looks like you were right.

Really nice concept, right from the formation of the planets to the characters very nicely done. May I request you to show some behind the scenes or process.

I also very much liked your background music choice, being a fan of ghost in the shell :slight_smile: it made me enjoy this animation even more :slight_smile:

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@sharper Your animations are amazing! So smooth and polished.

Could you please say what software did you use for video editing/sequencing? I think it would be good idea to make sure Krita integrates nicely with (especially open source) video sequencers. I’ve never used any of them so I can’t say how well it is already :wink: What was your experience?

Really nice work on this animation Sharper! As an animator myself I know how much work goes into making something like this. Though I mostly work in 3d, so 2d animation impresses me even more!

Let’s see if I can even remember. I made a rough storyboard that didn’t change much at from the final shots or timing of the final version:
Then I did a rough animation pass of each scene, tightened them up with another drawing pass and then outlined and coloured everything.
Then I added a shadow layer by painting over parts of the characters with a very dark blue and the opacity set at 40%.

Scenes with two characters moving simultaneously would often have one character moving at a faster framerate when I wanted to draw more attention to them and save drawing time.

This is probably bad practice and I wouldn’t do it for the next project, but there was no character design phase. Because I was drawing everything myself I would just have a starting idea in the storyboards and then revise that during animation. The earth character didn’t get the poncho added until I was going back to outline everything.

This dance scene did feel more lively in the storyboard. I’m going to try in the future to preserve more of the ‘guts’ of original sketches in the final product.

Unfortunately I didn’t preserve the old rough animation frames. I redrew everything in the same scene folders, rather that making new ones. Often, when a scene reached the memory cache, I would split it into two scenes, so as to avoid a crash or risk losing work time to the program being unresponsive.

Hopefully that answers all your questions, Raghukamath, but if you have any more, then I’d be happy to answer them in a DM.


I used a fairly cheap video editor called Videopad for compiling all the scenes together with the audio. It exports quickly and supports a whole bunch of different formats:
Unfortunately I don’t know about any open source video editors. This one is good enough for most things but doesn’t easily support things like camera movement or text overlay. All that stuff I just did manually in Krita.

Hope that helps.

You could try Kdenlive for editing videos, it is a fairly capable Non Linear Editor, :smile:


Wow, incredible! I get chills from this. Smooth and consistent, rotation I know can be so difficult to master. It’s reminiscent of bee and puppycat, hilda or even steven universe, all my favorite shows.

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It took a while for me to get what was going on, so that kept my interest. I’m impressed by the quality and the difficultly of the sequences, all those body rotations and so on.

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This is really stunning, congrats!

And basically I now think the Earth is just showing off at this point with the moon, those were some sick moves.