Gimp Vs Krita Review

I usually see videos of people comparing programs to see what are people thinking. here is one of them.


It’s very fast and superficial as they usually are.
He makes a good point about the lack of a histogram with a Filter Layer using Levels.
It is on the Filter Mask using Levels though.
It sounds like a bug report is needed there?

I’ll copy two comments in particular:
“Both are good”, and “Use both. I have no problem using both”.


Regarding the question of whether Krita is the better “photo editor”, I’m personally averse to calling Krita a “photo editor” - although you can of course edit photos with it, I don’t like the reduction to that one function.
Otherwise, I have nothing to add to what @AhabGreybeard said.



I am obviously biased but for me Krita excels over Gimp in photo editing even over Inkscape for vector if I can.

But I am a firm believer that a honest opinion against should always be the one heard more loudly than soft agreeing opinions with a catch as they are usually false. He is clearly a Gimp fan boy but his points are interesting none the less.


Yes he doesn’t know about the filter mask concept, so his second point about preview is a bit wrong. I agree that there can be a preview button on the filter layer too.

In all it is a good feedback maybe we should think about unifying the experience of Filter Layer and Filter Masks.

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Thinking about it again, a Wishlist bug report would be premature at this stage.
Also, he makes good points about the UI and UX in other areas.
A Feature Request topic would be a good start but I’m not sure how wide ranging it could be or should be. I don’t think there’s any urgency for it.

I fully agree with that. Any criticism is useful to hear, the more constructive the better of course, and it was constructive.

His insistence in calling a Filter Layer an ‘Adjustment Layer’ seems to show that he’s a PS fanboy. It is the industry standard :wink: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: so maybe he was trying to make his comparison more understandable to many people.


That video got me here! I’m a heavy Gimp user so this alternative is refreshing!


Hello and welcome to a different path through the forest :slight_smile:

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