Goldfish WIP

I worked on several goldfish line drawings in Krita a few months ago and now I’m getting around to painting them. Scales take ages!
I started this one in Krita 4 but I’ve decided to continue it in Krita 5 Beta to really see what the difference feels like. So far I’ve decided I can’t do without the new wet RGBA brushes, and the general brush performance feels faster and smoother for me in Krita 5. I’ll be honest it feels more fun to do digital painting again.


Lovin’ this and thanks for the info on v4 and v5 as well as the RGBA Wet brushes which are getting rave reviews…

I’m looking forward to trying them, but will be standing by until version 5 is released.

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This is the goldfish now. I have more line drawings I could paint like this, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them yet if I do that- whether they could be part of a bigger design or used for my t-shirt designs I’m working on. I’m just trying to keep motivated by keeping busy at the moment.


Progress video is up for anyone interested:


Nice work! Thanks for the time lapse video.

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I’ve been experimenting with a glow effect using a depth map (normal map from Laigter and convert into depth map in awesome bump), gradients and layer modes. Got the idea from a sub surface scattering effect I use for my 3D models.

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I’ve written a new article on my blog about the lighting experiment I’ve been doing. I also used the Phong Bump map filter in Krita. Got to get on with painting more goldfish now.