Good digital drawing/art podcasts?

Hello all!

I’m looking for some good podcasts related to digital drawing/art, specifically any that are more educational in nature. I found Proko’s Draftsmen podcast, but haven’t heard of many others yet from names I recognize.



don’t know about names you’d recognize, but there are a ton of great tutorials using Krita on Youtube.
just search for Krita tutorial

Bobby Chiu is pretty good for drawing:
Aaron Blaise:
Ethan Becker at times- good tips now and then


what we talking bout

These are the podcasts I can think of currently. Some are just talking while a few have drawing too.
One Fantastic Week:
Society of Visual Storytelling:
Our Painted Lives:
Concept Artist Podcast: Concept Artist Podcast - YouTube


The ones I found most inspiring are Keinan Lefferty’s KNKL Thoughtful. They have meant a lot for me when I was learning art, I gotta listen to them again! :smile:


Podcasts are not the same as tutorials, its usually a debate of certain topics not really intended to be full tutorials, though many can be very educational. They are good to listen to in the background while you do something else.

That being said i usually don’t listen to art podcasts so can’t really contribute to the list. But might check some of these later