Graphite brushes for the new pattern blend modes

With the Krita 5 beta out, I’d like to highlight the new feature I’m most excited about - the new pattern blending modes! Thanks to @Deif_Lou for implementing a whole bunch of them.

Here are a few brushes that use the “Height” and “Linear height” blendmodes. The main novelty here is that these can go from very fine texture washes to total blockout opacity just by varying the pressure. Also, all of these use the tilt sensor for size control - you may or may not like this as it’s a little sensitive.

I set out to create graphite / charcoal - like brushes, but actually I’ve been using these quite extensively for more painterly stuff as well.

A preview:

Here’s the download link:
I’d be happy to hear if you try these! Also, let me know if the bundle doesn’t work or something - it’s my first time sharing brushes… Again, these are for Krita 5.


hi, i try to test your bundle, but there is only the brushtips in it, not the presets

Really? I guess I should have checked… I’ll see what happened, but that’s odd since I specifically exported the brush presets. I figured if something did get lost it’d be the tips.

@mako Thanks for pointing it out, I think we’ve found a bug of some kind. The .kpp filenames weren’t matching up with the brush names, and when I manually changed them, I was able to export the bundle properly. (I hope!)

Here’s the new file:


it works with this one, i like them, but it’s kind of difficult to control de size with the tilt, good job though :wink:

Yep, the tilt size probably takes some getting used to, or just isn’t for everyone. I like having the ability to go into detail with the pen tip and kind of block things out with broad strokes.

The new blend modes are height and linear height? Or there are more?

I was updating my plugin blend options.

The effect they have look great in the samples.

There are quite a few new modes, they were outlined in the release notes.

I am not finding them in the code yet. I think I have to wait then.

Here’s the merge request, I think finding the code here should be easier:

The new modes are actually listed in the docs for 5.0: Texture — Krita Manual 5.0.0 documentation