Graphite pencil drawing, and colorized with krita

Hello. I didn’t know where to put this one exactly. Anyway, here is Muhammad Ali in pencil and colorized using the new krita filter: gradient map.
I would like to hear suggestions on how to improve the color, it has always be my weak point. Thank you.


Amazing piece @SergioTellez!!

I think where your color version could go to the next level by including some additional colors. this image feels very monochrome as it looks like shades of orange with very little other color - like you might get with a color layer over the gray scale. I added some colors using an Addition layer and Multiply layer - greens to the midtones, teal to the darker midtones and some reds in the face and chest area. An important aspect to color is knowing what the color of your light is, what the local color of a surface is, and what other colors exist in the environment. Human skin has a lot of color variations, and different types of skin reflect light in different ways, so those three sources of color (light, surface, and surrounding) play a big role.

This is a start, but my changes are very subtle - I only use this technique of additional blending layers for minor touch ups. When you work on your next piece, try out some techniques to pull in various colors (blues, greens, etc.) - you can find a treasure trove on youtube (i shared videos below, but there are plenty more).

The internet loves this topic - some artists say never colorize your grayscale - paint (or repaint) it in color, others try to warn you of the pitfalls and try to come up with some guidelines. You have to decide for yourself which school of thought you want to subscribe to.


Kynlo, thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it. I’m practicing colorizing my drawings because I would like to colorize some old photos from my family. I haven’t tried go from B&W to color when painting, but I’m going to give it a try, I still need to get better with values when I paint with color. Thanks again, cheers!

I used the second video to help in my conversion of the little boy blue portrait into colour . From my experience I think I prefer to colour directly rather than conversion from grescale. I’ve embedded it for your reference.