Gymnart's Brush Bundle

Here are my brushes that I made for foliage (mostly created on the Android version). I’ve had fun playing around with them and I hope you have fun with these too.
(I’m Gymnart on deviantArt btw)

Here are the brushes. Bundle includes my newest brush, RandomImpressions!

I hope the bundle works for you guys! Let me know. :grinning::grin:


@CrazyCatBird Thank you for making the ‘mega pack’ :slight_smile:

I already had some of your brushes/bundles so I deleted them all (or I think I did) and deleted the database and waited for it to rebuild, then I Imported the new bundle.

They all seem to work except for TreeLeaves which is not in the Brush Presets docker.

I’ve given up trying to understand tagging nowadays.
I have the tag ‘Gymnart’ that has two presets in it.
Many of your new bundle brush presets appear to have the ‘Foliage’ tag on them but if I select the ‘Foliage’ tag from the top drop down list, it has no presets in it.

All that may be due to me not cleaning up properly before I Imported the new bundle.
Then again, if you have to ‘clean up’ before importing someone’s updated bundle, it’s not good.
I suggest that you wait for feedback from other people to see what they have to say.

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Thanks for the feedback.
I used the tag ability within the Make Bundle feature.

Dunno why the TreeLeaves doesn’t work. :confused: I checked the bundle by doing the following:

Rename the bundle to .zip, then extract it, then I looked at the brushes folder and the presets folder.

TreeLeaves is in the bundle and so is its brush tip.
TreeLeaves does not show in the Layers docker but its brush tip shows in the brush editor.

The Resources management shows only 17 brush presets in the bundle (TreeLeaves not showing) instead of 18 as listed by opening and examining the bundle.

I’ve tried a strip down and rebuild but get the same result.
I have no idea why this is - sighs.

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Aww, sorry about that.
Did you have the tree leaves before? I can send it separately if you’d like, either here or PM.

Could you do that please?
I extracted TreeLeaves.kpp from the bundle file and tried to Import it but I got an ‘Import Failed’ error message.
A different extracted .kpp file from that bundle was imported with no problem.

This needs reports from someone else too, to make sure it’s not just me and my installation.

If I do not get there a déjà vu. On Windows the bundle from @CrazyCatBird works for me, on Linux a preset was missing. I have now quickly created a repack which works for me on Windows and Linux. Hopefully I didn’t include any bugs (except for the tags, which I deliberately didn’t create), because I did it during breakfast.
Could you give it a test?



@Michelist I haven’t tried Windows yet so I’ll do that later.
The bundle you repacked gives me the same results as noted before.
That was on 5.0.6 and I also tried it with a recent 5.2.0-prealpha appimage with no initial resources folder or config files.

It’s something about TreeLeaves.kpp. If I open TreeLeaves.kpp and read the Annotations, it takes a very long time to present them. That may be because it’s a large .kpp file.

I should not have praised the day before the evening. After I had to reboot Windows because of a program installation, my Krita in the Linux VM finds only 4 of the presets from the bundle I created, and from the one from @CrazyCatBird now not a single preset is found.

Using Windows 10 and krita 5.0.6 with a fresh resources folder, there are no problems Importing the original bundle provided by @CrazyCatBird or with the repacked bundle by @Michelist. All 18 brush presets are there and work.
This is a puzzle.

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@AhabGreybeard Glad that it works now for you! Hopefully, someone can figure out what’s going on. The Bundle was created on my Android S7 tablet.
Is TreeLeaves still needed for research purposes?

@Michelist thanks for your testing too. :+1:t2:

Well guys, enjoy making some art with the brushes! :grin:


@CrazyCatBird TreeLeaves.kpp is in the bundle so I don’t need a separate copy, thank you for offering.
As @Michelist also reported, it Imports fine into Windows and it’s only on Linux that we both get problems.

If anyone else can report/confirm the Windows:OK, Linux:notOK situation then please do.

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I find that so odd too because isn’t Android based on Linux? :thinking:

Yes. Android has many similarities and it is strange.


While the kernel is based on linux. Android is actually a separate layer made with java on top of Linux. So krita is not running directly on Linux on Android.