Harvest Town Inn: Andy Reed fan art, Duke Evans fan art

These 2 fan artworks belong to my 8-part Harvest Town “Inn” fan art series.
I have also made ones of Chris Ford, Bill Hanks, Lee Yau, Sherry, Ella Cole, and Elly Cole.

Andy Reed, bartender and innkeeper

Duke Evans, traveling musician and solo performer

By crediting* the fan artist (me), you earn the permission to use either artwork in the following ways:
:heavy_check_mark:You may share it on social media except in videos such as YouTube where ads can be placed.
:heavy_check_mark:You may use it as phone wallpaper.
:heavy_check_mark:You may use it as social media icons and covers/headers.
:heavy_check_mark:You may print it to decorate your room.
:heavy_check_mark:You may use it in a school project.
:heavy_check_mark:You may use it for non-commercial purposes.

I do not give permission for these artworks to be used in the following ways:
:x:Do not change the colors, add filters, draw over the artwork, or otherwise significantly change it.
:x:Do not sell it.
:x:Do not print it onto a mug, shirt, or other merchandise to sell.
:x:Do not print it onto a mug, shirt, or other merchandise to use as freebie or giveaway.
:x:Do not use it to promote a business.
:x:Do not use it in N F T.
:x:Do not use in media such as in Youtube videos because the platform will place ads and they will profit off it.
:x:Do not use C T T O when crediting.
:x:Do not use as fodder for an art curation/reuploading account, only to bury the credits underneath all the tags to your other accounts.

*To use the artwork, properly credit the artist:
:heavy_check_mark:On Twitter, tag @ theirartistheir
:heavy_check_mark:On Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, and Pinterest, tag @ gabtheirartistheirart
:heavy_check_mark:Elsewhere on the internet: Link to https://gabtheirartistheirart.wordpress.com/
:heavy_check_mark:In print or offline, use your best judgement.