Help, Krita could not open file. Reason: The file doesnt exist.. / Could not find root

Just as the title is i cant seem to open my file :frowning:

The 3 related kra files here are:

I can still preview it.

Prior to this, since it just happened, as i clicked command+S as i usually do to save despite autosave being on, it said it couldnt save due to an error, following that, moments later it crashed and when i tried to reopen the file the pop up we speak of currently shows up :confused:
Im absolutely clueless in sorting files, can anyone help?

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The autosave function and the resulting autosave file are not intended for your use. It’s intended for use by krita to recover data after a crash.
If you close/quit normally then any autosave file is deleted, because it’s assumed that it’s no longer needed.

You can find more details of all this (it’s quite complicated and comprehensive) here:

The backup file is Altha.kra~ and it should contain the state of your image as it was the previous time you Saved it with Cmd+S.

I suspect that Altha.kra.uTWFAQ is some kind of intermediate file that was involved and the crash has left it hanging around. The advice of a developer would be needed for that one.

I suggest that you rename the files as follows:

Altha.kra → Altha-broken.kra
Altha.kra.uTWFAQ → Altha-what.kra
Altha.kra~ → Altha-backup.kra

Then try opening Altha-backup.kra and see if it has a recent and useful state of work inside it.

Also look in Altha-what.kra to see if it’s even more useful than Altha-backup.kra.

Recently, there was a reported problem with the Save action not working properly if an autosave was being carried out at the same time. I’m not sure what’s happening with that and someone else may know more about it.

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Hello thank you for responding!

Im still not quite comprehending the autosave function, though i’ll be sure to check it out!
I’ve did what you’ve said and unfortunately i still have not recovered it T_T.

When i tried opening Altha-backup.kra it displays as such:

As it previously crashed the first time i clicked it.

Clicking on Altha-what.kra results in more or less the same: Krita crashing and displaying

Though i must admit, the screenshot above is something i’ve gotten used to everytime i command + q after drawing hehe.

Thank you for the help! and sorry for the trouble :sweat_smile:

“The last time you opened Krita, …” looks like a macOS response to its record of a problem and that is something I don’t know about, never having used a Mac before.

I suggest that you press the Don’t Reopen button and then try to start it again.

Either way, the Altha-backup.kra file should be your best hope of having something usable.

Can you share the Altha-backup.kra file via a link to a file sharing service or website?

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Oh haha, its alright thank you for trying tho!
I did as you’ve said but it lead to the same result :confused:
Sure thing, but sorry i dont quite understand what you mean by


A filesharing service is something like Google Drive or Dropbox, which you probably don’t have if you don’t know what it is.

You can share files via a file sharing website such as: (that one is free and anonymous but with a 30 day time limit which is more than enough for this purpose).

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Oh i have google drive haha, i can send the Altha-backup.kra file. Do i send it to you via email by google drive attachment?

No, you store it on your Google Drive and you then get the ‘share with everyone’ link (not the Google Sharing link) and post that in a reply here.

Personally, for casual short-term file sharing, I find the website to be very convenient and quick to use.

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Alright! is that it?

Yes, I got it.
It’s badly broken internally.
I tried to repair it using ZipRepair but even the ‘repaired’ file is badly damaged and caused an immediate crash in version 4.4.8 and the latest nightly build.

I’m sorry but your work seems to have been lost :frowning:

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Ah… i see, well thats unfortunate… : ( Well alright then sorry for the trouble haha, thank you so much for the help!!

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If the file can crash Krita I think we should submit a bug report with the file. Of course this is a damaged file, but Krita should not crash and should give an error message. I mean what if I had another document open with unsaved work and I tried to open such file.

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@raghukamath You’re right and that didn’t occur to me.

Sadly, I’ve had a deletion and clean up session since then and no longer have the file.
@Gbrlla_Ivana has since edited the reply that contained the download link and removed it.

@Gbrlla_Ivana Can you please restore that download link or make another one?

There is something I remember from looking inside the damaged file and from that I can now easily manipulate a .kra file to make it crash immediately with 4.4.8 but not with the 5.0.0-beta2.

The originally provided Altha-backup.kra file may also have other forms of corruption inside it that would crash the 5.0.0-beta2.
So it would be useful if that could be provided again please.

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Sure thing,
Does that work?

@Gbrlla_Ivana That’s the one - thank you :slight_smile:

The ‘repaired’ version crashes 4.4.8 and the 5.0.0-beta2 but it doesn’t crash the latest Oct 09 nightly build appimage.
[Edit:Add: Further opening does in fact crash the latest nightly build.]
I’m sure it’s fascinating inside so I’ll raise a bug report in case a developer wants to have a detailed look at it, which I’m sure they will.

Haha appreciate it! I’ll remove the link now if i may. Thank you for all of the help~

Bug Report:

@AhabGreybeard I’ve been quite hesitant to draw (especially with krita) now haha, may i ask why ,if there was an answer, such issue happened, what can be done to avoid and if it might repeat itself? Thank you.

I don’t know why this thing happened but it is very rare.
Is this the first time it’s happened to you after lots of use of krita?

To avoid it, or at least protect yourself against it, there are two simple techniques:

  1. Use Incremental Save (Ctrl+Alt+S). This makes a sequentially numbered new saved file instead of overwriting the .kra file each time.
    So, in case of corruption, you can go back along the file sequence to get the last one that is ok.
    This has the disadvantage that you then have to delete all the saved sequence except for the one which is ok.

  2. Use multi-level backup files.
    In the Settings, under Configure Krita → General group → File Handling tab, there is ‘Number of Backup Files Kept’ value which is usually 1, to give you one backup file.
    If you change that to 2 or more then you’ll have a backup history with a ‘depth’ limit of whatever you set it to.
    Again, you’ll then have a backup history that you’ll have to delete if there are no problems.

I suggest that you experiment with both of them to see which method you prefer.

The method I use is to store all work (not just for krita) in various folders, then when I want to edit something, I drag a copy out of the folder onto the desktop and edit the one on the desktop.
After a few saves, I close it and reopen it to check it, then drag copy it from the desktop back into the folder, replacing the original version in the folder.

I also have two levels of backup file in case of problems.
Backup files are ‘~’ marked files and so they don’t show on my desktop on the monitor.
So every now and then I open my desktop in the File Manager and delete the old backup files.

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In addition to the backup system of Krita I also use the hourly backup system of the OS, you can use time machine or similar thing on Mac os.

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