Help w/ Importing ABR Brushes

Hello! I’m having some issues with attempts to import an ABR file into Krita. I know the tips are carried over and the settings are not, but for some reason the tips are not showing up in the brush editor. The ABR file is moved to the Resource folder under Brushes but nothing is showing up. Not even in the Resource Manager. I’d like to note that the file that I’m attempting to import is over 300MB in size. I don’t know if that’s any help but it’s something.
However I managed to get one other ABR file to work. This is kind of driving me crazy and I might just give up if I can’t find a solution.

ABR files come in different versioned formats, and the latest format versions are not documented. It could be that the ABR file you’re trying to use is too new. Do you have a link to the file?

Hello Boud! I’ll link the file below.
And yeah I was going to assume that was the case. I remember reading about more prevalent versions of said ABR files not being supported at the time in a different post. If this is the case then that’s unfortunate.
Anyways I appreciate the response.
(Removed link)

Importing ABR set only imports the brush tips not the settings. So it might be possible for you to extract these images from ABR and recreate the brushes. I know it is not ideal but it is a workaround.