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Hi Everyone!
I am looking for help here with a painting of my drawing. I have no experience in any graphic software and learning it will take me ages. I have an occasion to present in the graphic form results of my research (I am a scientist) on the cover of the scientific journal but it has to be eye-catching.
The draw presents a blacksmith dressed in a white lab coat with a hammer with letters E and H who wants to hit chemical compounds.

These compounds should be bright like hot iron and give light to a chemist. The cover should have a size of 216 mm (width) and 156 mm (high) so there is a lot of empty space for the background.
If anyone would find time to paint my drawing I would be grateful.

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I moved your topic to #jobs:volunteer-work since it looks like you’re looking for someone to actually finish your drawing for free instead of asking how to do it yourself.

Hi and welcome to the digital side!

I think first thing is to give your image the right ratio. This is obviously not the same as 216/156. So it might end up not filling the cover or being stuck to the right or left…
Once you have the right ratio, you can compose your image to fill correctly the resulting white space in a nice way. (you may even change the pose a bit for that, add elements… I don’t know)

About the glow, keep one thing in mind, it is produced by the contrast between the glowing object (bright) with the darker surrounding. The more contrast the more glow. Don’t worry if you can’t see the glow because you just applied a hot color to the object. Then you need to add a dark background.

Have fun !

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