help with manual uninstall, program file is missing?

I try uninstalling from Windows settings, appdata, and control panel. I still see this?


what should I do now?

do i need to delete my backup settings too?! :dizzy_face:

Have you tried manually deleting the 'Krita(x64) folder from the ‘Program Files’ folder?

You shouldn’t need to do anything with the AppData config files and resources folder but if you’ve deleted them then it won’t be a problem.

Your backup copies of anything won’t have any effect on this.

In future, I suggest that you use the portable .zip package if you want to try anything other than the current release installation.

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thank you I will try that and I will be more careful from now. i will just have to save like a madlad when painting now :sweat_smile:

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yes! that worked!

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