Help with putting a background into an animation

im trying to put this background into a few frames not the entire animation can someone teach me how to do this, without ahving to redraw it

When you paint/draw a keyframe, it gets repeated, as a Held frame, on every frame in the future. This is shown as a thin blue horizontal line through the frames on the Timeline.
Then if you want to stop that repeating of the frame image, you can put a Blank frame further along and that Blank frame will then stop the Held frames.
The point of Held frames is that you don’t need to redraw indentical content (or to make copies of keyframes).
This is very useful for background images.

I’m not sure why you don’t have a Held frame indicator line on the Timeline.
How did you make the frames?

Edit:Add: I see what you’ve done now. You’ve added Blank frames on frame-2 to frame-10.
That’s not a good way to do things. You can get rid of them with right-click → Remove Keyframe.
If you do that, you’ll see your frame-0 content Held to the right.
Then you can put a Blank frame where you want it to stop.

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