How big are your files? are my files too big?

are your artworks above 100 mb? over 200?

my files can be 200-300 MB . should I make the canvas smaller?

Hey, let us know:

  • the bit depth (8bit / 16bit) and color space
  • Number of layers in use (approx)
  • usual pixel size of your kra documents in width and height
  • target size you usually print (if you do)

So we can give you a feedback if it is normal or very big size.

That being said, If you want to save disk space, you can save your documents as *.krz ; it’s like *.kra but with more compression and no built-in preview for image viewer apps (a copy as PNG at 100% inside all the kra files, named mergedimage.png). This usually reduce files, around 30% here, sometime more. It is not a recommended format for working because more compression means also slow saving and loading time, but a good one for archiving your previous sources. If your CPU is good, you can also in the settings of Krita General > File handling activate the “Compress .kra files even more”. It will not be as small as krz files, but in-between.

I sometimes have files in the gigabytes on disk. This can happen for large projects that need very high resolutions, with lots of layers. 500 MB are common for me. In memory they’re even larger.



8 bit with rgb/alpha. I think that is default?
20-30 or more layers
1700 x 1000
300 ppi

I have not print before so I don’t have a target size.

I use fill layers for color and patterns and sometimes filter layers for blur.

i dont mind merging everything but it would be nice to see previous files. i will try the krz file, thank you.

500mb !! I reached 1gb once. it was scary because saving took longer and it was lagging.

Do you mind me asking how much storage do you have ?

Yes, it is. Also one of the most economic for file weight (actually, grayscale is more economic). 16bit depth, 32bit document weight a lot more, and CMYKa document have one channel more, so it has additional weight too.

That’s not a lot; my comic pages goes here to 3840x5422 pixels. I usually work with under 10 layers. With “Compress .kra files even more” I can keep pages under 200MB per pages:

With this size, you can print at 300ppi A5; or half-USletter paper sized resolution.

The main weight might come from the number of layers in your case. Not Fill layers, or Filter layers: this one have almost no impact in my experience. It’s mostly paint-layer storing all the pixels that have an impact.

Test if Image > Trim to Image size reduce the size of your kra files. Krita sometime store a lot of paint-stroke or data outside the canvas; this feature will delete everything that is outside the canvas. It saves sometime disk space.

I remember my 386 Laptop from 1993 with 80MB HDD… :face_holding_back_tears:


Like most (semi) professionals I have a very powerful machine. Drive storage is about two terabyte on fast drives (SSD) memory is 32 GB DDR4. If storage gets to full I just archive old stuff on my NAS.

The most recent one I did has a resolution of 4284x2750 and is well under 1 MB.

Mine are super small compared to storage size, even when they’re super well detailed (in style I guess)

I tried the compress even more setting on a 240 mb file and it became 236. I think it might work better on a new document so i will try that.

From my experience fill layers has more mb than paint layers so I convert them.

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I should get more storage and ram so i don’t worry. This is my first time hearing about NAS i will read about it.

I’ve never gotten below 1 mb :astonished: how many layers did you use?

Mostly around three or four depending on the background or character.

Well detailed? Your thing looks rather simplistic- kinda like the stuff I make.

Speaking of my files, my second most recent thing here is about 31 MB in size (kra file, not png file, RttP is 1.6 MB in png form). Something going even more simple, like Crash Landing Remade, is 10 MB/1.3 MB.

If there are big areas of one color, it’s probably easily compressed when saving.

Depending on the style my heaviest file is hovering around 100 to 120mb on average i think 5-20mb.

50+mb is when i use lots of layers, grouping, clips and styles.
Since i have tendency to merge down mine stay < 50mb - when im done. Pretty sure it get higher along the way.

if there is more diversity of colors it will be larger? if i zoom close in my file, there are a lot of different color pixels.

i got my 230mb file to 130-160 mb and I was very happy :joy:

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My images range in size from about 50 MB to over 2 GB, with often 50+ layers and image sizes from A3 landscape on up.