How can I delete the tag of a workspace?

I know that the tag of a certain resource can be deleted in the corresponding place.
However, it cannot be deleted from the “manage resources” page. So, if I create tags for layerstyles, sessions, symbol libraries, task sets, layouts, workplaces, how can I delete them?

Open your resource folder, here you can find your tags and can delete them.

They’re just backups

For me, it works to select a resource and click on a tag’s “X”-Button to delete that tag. In your case, you have to select workspaces in the top-left selection-bar, and then you have to select the workspaces you want to alter.


I’m not talking about “remove” but “delete”

If you use Windows, normally certain resources are stored in “C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\krita”. (without quotes).

I don’t know if it’s valid for your case, that’s why I said “normally”…

Sorry, I shot too fast.

I’m afraid that for your plan, thanks to the database, for this you first have to free all resources that have this tag from this tag, then delete this backup file “*.TAG” from the folder “paintoppresets” and finally either edit the “resourcecache.sqlite” and free it manually from this tag or delete it and have it recreated. And then start Krita again.


I’m talking about “tag”, not the resource itself

Unfortunately krita insistance in not deleting anything can be very annoying in these cases, i find it very weird that the only way to delete a tag is editing the database directly. During the early stages of krita 5 there was a built in SQLite db viewer/editor inside krita for this sort of thing that would be very handy if it was kept