How can I draw proper hair?

I did a drawing a year ago, and I wanted to make it better. I am having trouble with drawing the hair. As seen below. I tried to draw it with the brush is called “texture_hair" but it does not look good. I am not sure how to make the hair look even partially real or actually good like most digital artists.

Hair is my arch nemesis, but since no-one else has replied let’s have a go at it. :slight_smile:


I tried using the texture hair, in hopes that it might help me with the drawing of the hair easier. Because the texture is quite like hair. But the edge of the brush is hard and not soft like actual hair.

The hair texture brush is good but it’s not magic. It’s really just a shortcut. It draws six lines instead of one. But you still have to design the hair yourself.

Here I used it in combination with the Basic-4_Flow_Opacity brush.

If you want softer edges, why not go over it with a blend or smudge brush?

My brush edge looks rough and not soft and natural (like yours) idk why it looks like that. What is the setting for your brush?
When you click on this icon what is your brush setting? is it on default? may I see it?

This is how my brush is drawing: (and what I mean by “the edges are stiff”)

I didn’t change anything. Are you using a drawing tablet or are you drawing with a mouse?

If you do have a tablet, is it just this brush that doesn’t respond to pressure?

I had a same problem with the brush a while ago, and someone helped me with a lot of steps. I don’t exaclty remember what we did but it did work. Everytime I open the program again, the brush “restarts” and repeats the same problem.

I skimmed through that thread. It seems that your device doesn’t support pressure sensitivity.

I’d recommend you get a drawing tablet like this. They practically never wear out, so you can buy a used one and be pretty certain that it will be all right. (just make sure you get the stylus too! :slight_smile: )

I have a Huion 1060 plus tablet. Even if I draw on my tablet, I still cannot see the brush (the one I selected). Is there any other way to make hair on my drawing? I can send over the drawing I am doing, its not fully done because of the hair. Thats why the whole thing it looks a bit weird right now. :sleepy:

Ok. Then it should work.

In the Huion driver settings you can set the pressure sensitivity with a slider. Make sure it sits somewhere in the middle of the slider. Also, if you click the “Pen pressure test” button, do you get a line that’s thinner with light pressure?

(like he’s doing in this video)

I’m going to bed now. Good luck and hopefully someone else will reply if you have further questions!

My lines either come out thick if I put a lot of pressure or thin if I do it lightly. I screenshotted what I mean:

so yes, I do get a thinner line with light pressure.

Good. Does your pressure curve in the Krita settings look like this?

Yup! it is

Do you get pressure sensitivity with any of your brushes?

Yes that does happen.

If you reload the brush preset, does that make a difference?

Oh! it does work! ah, thank you so much! It seems like I always get a problem with this brush, lets hope that next time I need it, it does not restart and go back on its own. Thanks :slight_smile: I really appreciate it.
Oh a slightly different note, I made a post on shadows, and I don’t know which part of the dress to add shadows.


If this is a recurring problem, reload the preset and save a new brush preset. Create a new icon for it so that you can tell it apart from other brushes. (you can do that in the dialog that pops up when you click the "Save New Brush Preset button) Then use the new preset instead of the old one.

The default brush presets always go back to their default values after a restart.
If they didn’t then the forums would be full of people who’d altered them beyond belief/usefulness and were desperate to get them back to normal.
If you want special/different brush presets, you save your adjustments as a new named preset, ideally with a sensible and informative name and a distinctive and meaningful icon

My tablet has been having some issues, so I haven’t been able to use it.

Is there a way to draw hair as I wanted by using my fingers?