How do I transparent PNG?

Oh, another ARandomPage question… yes, it’s in the title, and I want to know how. Do I just erase the background layer?

Yes you erase the background layer. you will get checkerboard pattern denoting transparency. Then save as png. while saving png file it will show the options for the png file format one of the option will be to preserve transparency.


Wait, do you mean the “store alpha channel” option? Because that’s what I found.

Yes enable that option, but your image should have transparency, as in it should show checkerboard pattern. if the image doesn’t have any transparency it will not have transparency in resulting png file

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Just thought I should mention - the saved image for a non layered format will be a merged image based on what’s currently visible: So if you switch off visibility for the background (assuming it’s on its own layer), you’ll get the same result as if you deleted it.

If the area you need to be transparent isn’t isolated on it’s own layer, you would either need to erase it, or make it invisible e.g. using a transparency mask.

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