How do you get motivation to draw after a day of work?

Recently I’m bit struggling with doing after work sketches on my usual schedule.
I dont have any long drawing/painting project to come back to, and is struggling to start a new one.
Even warm up sketches is getting frustrating - im mentally tired to say so.
I end up staring at blank canvas and nothing i draw seems right :frowning:

this is making me sad.

Any suggestion to get going?


Sometimes you just need a break. Maybe revisit old work and redo it. Meditate on why you do your art.
Just pick something and paint it…that seems to be what I’m doing with birds… :slight_smile:


If you are a hobbyist, then you should not force it. Hobbies are part of life and are meant to make life more comfortable. If you feel tired for a while, you can go do other things such as exercise and listen to music.


I have this problem too, and the only way out is to pick a subject or project and get to it, and don’t get hung up on if your stuff looks like shit, just power on to completion. But you must retire work and not do endless re-working, which is the digital disease, retire the work and move on. Your work will look less shit the next time, and the next, no one needs to see this stuff. Drawing is hard, it’s really hard, even for the talented artists you admire, so it’s going to be quite hard at the end of a work day to find the time let alone the inspiration. So make a time and get at it, you are teaching yourself and every shitty mistake gets you closer to something better, every thing you did is a piece of shit and the only stuff you’re excited about is the current shit you’re working on, that’s how it is with me. Also, don’t burn yourself out on it, if it really isn’t happening take time out and do other things, even if that’s a few weeks, if doing artwork is important to you you’ll find yourself drawn back in at some point anyway.
We need our jobs, and they keep us away from doing art, and use up a lot of our energy, but you can think about your art during the day and even plan out what experiment you might try when you get home. There’s no magic, just do some work and don’t expect it to blow you away. You’re never happy with your art even when it’s good so…you already know, just do it.


Thank you everyone.

I’ll if i can find a subject to draw without much worry.

yes - its more of a hobby/ stress reliever. this is making me frustrated. I was doing well during the weekend but as soon as i was back to work , im struggling to get to sketch.
I guess I do need to rest both in thinking about work things [after work hour] and forcing myself to draw when at the moment its seems not happening.

It was just frustrating me how i cant manage to get myself to be switch to lets draw mode. Like i would be planning what i want to draw during the day and come the time i have time to draw- my head just doesnt work.

When my brain is dead after a long and hard day at the office, I don’t do anything except read some comics and go to bed early…

That’s less frustrating than being able of nothing, and in general, the day after I feel better and I’m abble again to use my brain

Also, making a break fo reading allows to stimulate your imagination, and that’s a good thing too :wink:


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@kaichi1342 I use Pinterest boards to spark my imagination and build my energy when I’m kind of laggy.

Are there any artists that you find particularly inspiring? Or an art style that makes you feel excited when you see it? You can give yourself 15 minutes on Pinterest to add a few pins to your own personal imagination board. Then observe each piece you’ve pinned to your board and really notice what you like about each one. Focusing on a single element from several references can really spark one’s imagination and build energy.

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Maybe finding a way to make a little income from it. Like idk have a rumble channel or stream. Start without expectations and build it up as u go

Some times I start with changing the background colour to black or very dark blue/green then just start hitting it with light bright colour, not always but on occasion I see some shape or landscape emerging that makes me want to paint it… Just have fun I find that to be the best inspiration for any activity…

Hope that helps


Thanks, I have little bit of that here and there. [not channel but a tiny income from my art].

Thank you - i did and tried painting some blueberry from memory. i manage, not as excruciatingly frustrating as before. Not satisfying but i manage to form something. Thank you.

I end up watching cats on youtube. Maybe i gotta find some webtoon and I agree i might need some proper sleep.

Thanks – I’ll try this, most of the art I like are from Japanese or korean artist.

Since its weekend. I hope to be able to get back some energy to draw.

Thank you all.

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@kaichi1342 hi. We all need to walk away from artwork from time to time. I’ll tell you something. An artist’s state of mind is recorded in brush strokes, choice of colour and a thousand tiny details. Every work of art is a portrait of the artist. A painting or drawing done because “you think you should” will look very different from one that was done because you truly wanted to do artwork.

Give your artistic hunger a chance to grow again. Walk away and let yourself enjoy other aspects of life. I’m sure you know by now that your hunger for art will return and when you go back to it you will be motivated. You’ll see more clearly and react to what you see in the artistic way. Be good to yourself.

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Thank you for this thread. Each of the responses mean something, moving my mental state steps closer to picking up the pen and going far another round.

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Thank you.

So far it seems i just really need a rest. I open this afternoon and i manage to sketch some.
If it continues that weekdays [as long as im away from home] that it would be hard to get going for me. I would take the advices of resting and doing something else.

Im afraid of taking a longer break. I did for sometime in 2018-19 and i regress quite alot. :pensive:

When I get home from work I watch a couple of videos while eating, then the sandman drops a bushel of dust in my eyes. After sleeping for two hours I’m still drowsy, but it goes away after an hour or so, then I feel rested and ready to do stuff.

Hopefully a nap isn’t enough for regression to set in. :slight_smile:

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