How many people here like anime style arts?

I just got kinda curious. Which one do you like more in general?

  • Anime Style
    -stylized proportions(mostly features big and simplified eyes)
    -relatively strong linearts
    -more flat coloring
  • Realistic Style
    -more realistic proportions
    -minimum or non linearts
    -more obvious form renderings

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I know there are many who like both, but the point is ‘if you have to choose in comparison’.

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I guess i would go with anime style though not every anime style. In general i like a more simplified and stylized look. And that also includes some cartoon styles.

Like for anime i really don’t care much for Moe style look. Not a fan of huge eyes either unless it’s from older anime. I have been into persona and digimon adventure styles lately.

The anime style have quite a variance - i like most of them [from the really cute to the almost semi-realistic one] , and its so fun specially the different ways different artist do it. For me its the way the artist pulled it.
specially in the medium of anime/manga where the art style can play into the expectation of the story and how someone can subvert it [ehem cute artwork - really dark theme]

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Which Anime Style? Your description pretty much fits any cartoony style. Like, when I read this without the word Anime dropped anywhere I would think of cartoon style in general.

For example My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has stylized proportions, big and simplified eyes, strong lineart and flat coloring. Yet, it’s not Anime.

For the poll: I like something in between.

You can think of it in the question as cartoon style. It pretty much means the same thing as anime style and the term is often interchangeable in where I live.

My Little Pony is definitely Anime btw; It’s literally titled as アニメ/アニメーション in various places as far as I’ve seen.

I honestly don’t know which choice to pick from the poll…

I don’t know where “more realistic” proportions end and stylized proportions begin…and the eyes…big is relative, most have rather big eyes, but say Sailor Moon or Shakugan no Shana is over the top for me xD

What I like a lot is basically the manga/light novel cover style, that is the “normal” characters as base with all the clean line art, just a bit more detail and filled with more vibrant shading, yet having a certain cel shading look.

And some artists are very good at maximizing that, I like a lot for example:

Toning down line art further and shading everything is basically going towards mimicing a 3d rendering in my eyes, that can look cool, but doesn’t qualify as anime style anymore to me.

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if thats the definition,

then I would make an exemption - im not very fond off western cartoon style [the mainstream ones]

oth - i love manhwa-webtoon / manga styles [a lot of that falls in that umbrella]

You don’t have to define where it ends or begins. It’s like saying because you can’t tell after what exact point someone is an adult, therefore child and adult is the same or just indistinguishable.

It’s just a vague directional thing and is found across many artworks. If you can’t choose because you like something in the middle and mixed that’s fine too. I just got curious about people’s general preference.

I do not have a style preference. I go with what suits the project. It also means I do not have a specific noticeable style of my own :slight_smile:


I like both, and have been influenced by both, but I lean much more towards realism with my own work.

Both styles can vary a lot, which kinda invalidates this poll. I typically use a more realistic/simplistic style myself, though.

It can vary a lot and I don’t see how it incalidates the poll. Why do you think historical art movements are categorized despite the fact that there are all kinds of shit within that groups? Because there are tendencies.

If you can’t choose because you like something too mixed that’s fine. I just got curious about people’s general preference when I asked this in the forum.