how many PPI?

how many pixel per inch dos that have?

This particular template has 96 ppi/dpi

so how can I take that image, and transform it to 300 DPI?

Go to Image > Scale Image to New Size and adjust the dpi/ppi according to your needs. There is also a shortcut Ctrl + Alt + I to resize image.

I got an other question to. I had send for the contest an image that doesn’t stand on the requirements, and I can’t change it.

What can’t be changed? Can you show a screenshot?

I posted that for the “four seasons…” contest. and I want to switch the image.

Okay so you want to change the image you uploaded in the forum? I think you can make a new comment adding a new image. I don’t know the rules for the contest.

I don’t know how.


one of them is that it need to contain 300 DPI or more. (and I didn’t do it).

it doesn’t contain an option of changing it.

click on the 3 dots under your post and “edit the post”… you will be able to replace the image

no I can’t.

is it possible it because it got replies already?

No editing gets disabled after sometime for new users. You can just comment with new high resolution image.

how do I do it?

Just add a comment to your post like you add a comment here. And add the image in that comment.

so I have no option to change it?

Sadly no. I can delete it, and you can create a new one if you want.

OK, I’ll tell you when to.

yes, can you delete? I will create it again.

I think your post is enough for now. I saw it and I think the images are good for now.