How to create a cartoon in KRITA - THE FULL PROCESS FROM START TO FINISH. 😮

Hello everyone.
Some of you have requested that I create a video showing you the FULL PROCESS FROM START TO FINISH of how to create a cartoon character using Krita.

This is one way. Of course, take this as a suggestion. Don’t forget to pause the video when needed. To slow down the speed of videos on YouTube, click on the Setting gear button located right next to the CC button and choose Playback Speed. You can play the video at 0.25, 0.50, or 0.75 speed.

A few things to remember when creating a cartoon character:

  1. The eraser is your best friend. You can use it to shape your shadows and highlights.

  2. When adding shadows to your character, first use a blue-gray color in normal blending mode. It tires your eyes less. Then when you’re done you can change the blending mode to MULTIPLY and darken the shadow to almost black. The last step is to decrease the opacity of your layer.

  3. When adding highlights, set your blending mode to OVERLAY. Don’t forget to lower the opacity of your layer if necessary.

  4. Make good use of all the tools that Krita offers. Use any of the transform buttons to help you modify your character. I use the Mesh or liquify buttons a lot. I love those tools.

  5. Keep making changes as you go. The making of a cartoon character is a journey.

  6. Finally, and this is just my personal opinion, keep it simple. SIMPLE = CUTE.

00:00 introduction
00:08 Sketching
02:02 Inking
02:27 Shadows
03:17 Cover the entire character with shadows (a quick look)
03:24 Adding colors
04:06 Highlights
04:44 Comparing (cartoon with shadows only Vs cartoon with shadows + highlights)
04:58 CTRL + U (Tweaking the colors)
05:39 Last thoughts and tips.
06:10 Conclusion

Have fun. Thank you for watching.