How to delete all empty layers?

Maybe this needs a script…

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Yes I am interested in this too.

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I currently use Ctrl+T to detect empty layers, because it’ll say you can’t transform the layer if it’s empty. Not the best

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Really basic script

from krita import *

def recursiveCleanup(node):
    for childNode in list(node.childNodes()):
        if childNode.type() == 'grouplayer':
            if len(childNode.childNodes()) == 0:
                print(f"Remove empty {childNode.type()}: {}")
        else: # if childNode.type() == 'paintlayer':
            if not childNode.hasExtents():
                print(f"Remove empty {childNode.type()}: {}")

doc = Krita.instance().activeDocument()
if doc is not None:

Should work properly for paint layers & group layer, but might need some improvements to manage case of filter mask & co.

edit: ensure there’s an active document :slight_smile:



Thank you for your answer! It can now delete redundant paintlayers, vectorlayers and group layers with one click!

Ps: Strangely, when vector layer, clone layer and gruop are selected, I cannot execute the script, and the buttons are gray

Is it 10 script?
If yes I think that’s a limitation of plugin, to restrict execution in some condition only… :thinking:

If you execute code from scripter, does it work in this case?


Yes, it works.

It is not available on clone layer, file layer, vector layer, group layer and transform mask.

I think its judging condition is whether the layer has editable pixels.

Ideally, 10 scripts shouldn’t judge if a script is executable or not as some script may not be related to layer management…

I can’t do anything here, at least open a bug on to ask to remove current restriction: that’s the role of a script to ensure in which condition it could be executed, not the plugin…


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459495 – Remove layer restrictions for “ten scripts” (


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