How to set default font settings?

When I have to use the Text Tool, it always starts out with some random font that I literally never use.

How do I set the default font settings of the Text Tool? For example setting it to Helvetica, size 18, regular. Or something like that.

Also, is it possible to save several text presets?

Lets say I have a drawing in which I use text multiple places. Some of it might be with one font and style while others might be a different font and style?
I would love to have a “palette” of text presets that I could easily click to set. - Or even a whole library.
This is especially useful if you draw comic strips, etc.

Is something like this possible?

This is possible by making a Symbol Library (which used to be called a Vector Library):

I made that by simple modification of ‘My Little Vector Library’ which is provided and explained here:
Make your own Vector Library the sneaky way