How to set white balance according to a specific point?

I have a few photos in which the white balance is completely off. However, there are lots of true white stuff in the picture. So I want to calibrate the white balance of the picture according to a point on the picture that I know should be true white. However, I cannot seem to find a way to do this.

Previously, when I used other products, I would have a tool in which I could set the white balance with a tool like the “pipette” or color dropper. How do I do this in Krita?

Here is a GIF illustrating what I mean:

oops misread post. wrong answer

You will get better support for this feature in GIMP

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Hmm… This does not seem to do what I want - or maybe I misunderstand?

Krita is not ideal for photo editing — although some do use it for that, it’s really meant for painting and drawing, hence the lack of white balance tools.

GIMP and Darktable have what you’re looking for.

OK. I already tried GIMP but could not find this functionality in there. Did not try darktable yet. Will give it a try.

Note: Krita nearest feature to that is in Filter > GMIC , and in GMIC, Colors > Color Balance. Click the color slot for the neutral color and pick the color on your canvas.

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